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Albufera Lake-El Saler Natural Park Tour



11 kilometers south of Valencia there is the largest natural lake in Spain named Albufera   and its surrounding rice fields. . Between the lake and the sea there is a stripe of sand and forest called “El Saler”.
The total of 20.000 hectareas of fresh water sand, dunes, forest and rice fields where declared Natural Park in 1995.
More than 350 species of birds live on the Natural Park, of which 250 are local species.


  • Bus/minivan pick up and transport. 

  • See one of the Albufera lake  ports and its  homemade boats made by the local fishermen and farmers.

  • Learn about  “Tancats”:  an ingenious contraption designed to control the water level of the rice fields

  • Enjoy a BOAT TRIP. 

  • Learn about the local lake inhabitants, their thousand-year customs and their characteristic houses “barracas”.

  • See migratory birds using the Albufera wetlands as a stopover point on their way to Africa.

As an extra, if time allows, we will usually propose you one of the following:

  • Visit to the Saler beaches

  • A scenic sunset to remember at a popular local spot


49€ per person.