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How to get around Valencia


Valencia is the third largest city in Spain with approximately 800.000 inhabitants, with an almost completely flat surface, with the old town /city center 6 km far from the sea and the massive 8 km long Turia Gardens cutting the city into two halves.

At first it might seem difficult to get oriented, but after you know a couple of landmarks, the city will be all yours!

You can download a map of the city in the following link: Valencia Map

You will find very easy to get around by  tram/metro, bus,  taxi or by cycling or walking:

By tram/metro:

The tram/metro network covers the most important sites in Valencia and connects the city to  the airport, train stations, bus station, university campus, beach and port area and some of the most important commercial areas in Valencia. It also connect the city to some nearby towns.

However, there is a big “BUT”: it does not cover the Old Town and the City of Arts and Sciences.

The price of the metro is set in zones: from A to D, but to move in the city you will be fine with a ticket for A zone  or AB  zone (if you need  to go to the airport).

You can buy a single ticket or  a 10- trip ticket and they are valid for transfers between metro and tram. There is also a 10-trip ticket that can be used both for EMT buses and A-zone metro.

If you wish to check the schedule and map of the metro/tram you can do it at  www.metrovalencia.es.

By bus:

The Valencia Public Bus company is called EMT and its buses are RED coloured.

The network is very extense and covers all parts of the city: Old town, City of Arts and Sciences, Ruzafa, Beach/Port Area,  Eixample, etc and also some far away spots like the Albufera Lake- El Palmar south of the city.

You can buy a single ticket (1.50€) at the bus or to buy a 10-trip ticket which are called “bonobus” at some newsagents/kiosk. With the 10-trip ticket you have unlimited transfers from bus to bus within an hour.

At first it might be difficult to learn which bus number to use, but you can easily plan your routes at www.emtvalencia.es and you can also download in your phone its superfriendly  and useful application “EMT Valencia”.

By taxi:

A very convenient way to move around Valencia as you can get to most parts of the city in barely 15  minutes or less.

The price will depend on what the taximeter marks after the trip and  bear in mind that services from the  port and from the airport have an additional fee.

There are plenty of taxi stops in the city and you can also stop taxis on the go by signaling them (they are available if they show a green light).

You can also call some taxi company by phone; you can easily find them in the internet or ask at your hotel/hostel reception.

By bike:

Valencia is a blessed city for cyclist and sport lovers in general. Its flat surface, medium size and warm and sunny  weather make it perfect people who see cyclying as a mean of transport.
There is a expanding path clying network which links very well almost all parts of the city, specially the modern parts of the city, the Turia Gardens and the beach. It is possible to cycle in the old town  but  yet there are not enough cycling paths built in that area. Where there is no cyclying path, you can use the street lane and if  there are none of the former, you can use the sidewalk/pedestrian area but always giving preference to pedestrians.  Wearing helmet is not mandatory, but you must respect traffic and safety regulations : Rules and recommendations for bicycle circulation in Valencia.

For renting a bike there are two options:

To use the public system “Valenbisi”: you can buy a weekly pass and you take a bike from any bike station and return them back to any other bike station within half an hour, as many times as needed. There are more than 275  Bike stops all over Valencia!.

To read more about Valenbisi services please check www.valenbisi.com.

To rent a bike for the whole day or for longer. There are many  companies and hotels which rent bikes.  Prices are very reasonable and certainly touring Valencia in this way is a very popular experience among bike lovers.


By scooter:

Another wonderful option to be used while in Valencia. Many scooter companies offer their services and recently there has been a boom of electric scooter-sharing companies where you pay per minute. Some names: Muving, Cooltra, Yego, Blinkee City, Acciona, Molo…

If you only have some hours to spend in the city, you might not have enough time to register with them (you must produce your driving licence, wait for reply, etc);  the best option would be to rent a scooter for the whole day. 

If you are spending several days in the city maybe it would be a good idea to sign up for one of those companies´services. Some of them are located in other spanish cities and you can also use their services there. 

By foot:

Another healthy and recommended option as Valencia meets all conditions for being a “walker´s paradise”.   You will enjoy greatly by exploring the city and  its whereabouts, its monuments, pedestrian streets, gardens and terraces. Valencia is a city which cares and tenders pedestrians, a city designed to do things by foot.

And not only walking, but given all the right conditions in the last years Valencia has become an essential reference for runners from all nationalities. You can check the webpage destined to inform about all events related to this sport: www.valenciaciudaddelrunning.com