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Shore Excursions Valencia


+ 400.000 cruise passengers visited Valencia in 2016.

We know that you have limited time and want to make the most of it. We also know that probably while in your cruise you have already visited some beautiful and very popular mediterranean cities like Rome, Palma Mallorca, Marseille, Venice, Barcelona etc..

What does Valencia have to offer you? What makes this city different to other Mediterranean destinations?

You will find that Valencia is a truly gorgeous city which only in recent years has become a popular tourist destination;   local attractions and products are not overpriced and rarely you will be surrounded by touristic crowds, as soon as you leave the two or three most visited monuments  you will easily mingle with local people and for a few hours you will inmerse yourself in its spanish/valencian flavour, forgetting that you are a tourist and experiencing things from an insider perspective.

It will be a refreshing experience and  perfect complement to your Mediterranean experience and probably it will leave you craving for more.

You can check our sections Things to do in Valencia and depending your available time to decide for the most attractive experience.

There you will see that there are plenty of  available options/destinations to consider,  some of them in the city, some of them outside it  (Albufera Lake Natural Park, Sagunto, Requena Wineries, Lladro Factory, etc) that you certainly can enjoy very much.

As a recommendation if you only have 5-8 hours time we recommend you to visit the  two most important must-sees in our city


About a 15 minutes drive from the port of Valencia.  The  best way to get to know the old town it is to join a guided tour, either a group tour or a private tour; we specialize in these tours and it will be a pleasure if you decide to join in. If you wish to learn more about the old town you can visit our section dedicated to it. 

 For information on how to get from the port to the old town  please scroll down. 

                                        CITY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES (CAC):

Only 5-10 minutes drive from the port of Valencia. We believe that no guide is really needed there because the CAC compound is quite a visual experience and it speaks by itself, and if you decide to visit the inside of the attractions  there is plenty of available information. Nevertheless some customers appreciate our guidance there and we are very happy to do it. Please contact us for a customized private tour is you wish to include that part of the city in your tour.

You can also check specific information about the CAC .

Some useful information for travelling from the port to the city:

At the port of Valencia there are several docks for cruises:

  • Terminal de Pasajeros Acciona Mediterranea: you get down and you will be at the Port Terminal, where you will find a Tourist Office, Bar-Cafeteria, Taxi Stop and nearby the Public Bus number 4. Some cruise companies have their own Shuttle bus which can take you to the city.

This is the most convenient dock and with better services.

  • Terminal 1-2: these docks are inside the port. There you will find  a taxi stop and the port free shuttle bus which can take you to the Terminal de Pasajeros Acciona Mediterranea. Some cruise companies have their own Shuttle bus which can take you to the city.

How to get from the port to the City:

  • By taxi: the most comfortable option. You  can expect to pay 12-14€ from the port to the Old town and around 8-10€ from the Port to the CAC. Most taxis carry up to 4 passengers. At the port you will find taxi stops ready for you.
  • By public bus: you can take public bus number 4 and combine it with other bus numbers . One single trip 1.5€. Clink in the following link for further information: Bus routes of special interest to tourist.
  • By cruise shuttle bus: some cruise companies offer their own shuttle service to the city. Most of them stop near the old town. Please check with them.
  • By foot: we don´t  recommend it unless you want to approach the nearby marina and sea promenade, but if you wish to get to other parts of the city it will be time consuming and by the time you arrive to some interesting location a big part of your precious time will be gone.