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What to eat and drink

Valencia, as many other spanish regions, is blessed by a magnificient local gastronomy produced by the influence of different civilizations,  the richness of the Mediterranean sea and the aboundance of the farmlands which embrace the city.

VALENCIAN PAELLA: with chicken and rabbit.


All those conditions have created one of most  famous world cuisines, and one of our specialitities has became the emblem of Spanish food: the Valencian Paella.

And indeed rice is the main protagonist of our local gastronomony and you will dind many rice recipes, some of the most popular are:


  • “Paella Valenciana” (Traditional Valencian Paella) : rice with vegetables, chicken and rabbit (or duck).
  • “Paella Marinera” (Seafood Paella): the most popular at many seaside destinations.
  • “Arroz Negro” Black Rice: rice with calamari or squid ink. Usually acompanied by a side dish of “Alioli” (a souce made with egg, olive oil and garlic).
  • “Arroz a banda”:
  • Baked rice:
  • Arroz con fesols y naps

Fideua: noodles and seafood

There are some other valencian recipes:

  • Fideua:
  • All i Pebre
  • Pericana:
  • Titaina:


All i Pebre: eel, potatoes and spices.

And of course you will be able to try Spanish tapas: spanish ham and cured meat, fried fish, spicy potatoes, russian salad, anchovies, croquettes, cheese, fried peppers,


When it comes to drinks, you will find delicious wines from the Valencia region: there are two “Denominaciones de Origen”: Valencia and Requena-Utiel.  

You you can also try excellent cavas (sparkling wine) produced in Valencia, some of them awarded in international festivals.

There are some local beers too, the most popular one is Turia but you can also find dark-artisan style beers like Tyris, La Socorrada or La Fallera Follonera.

Agua de Valencia is not “agua”!


Being in Valencia city you must try “Agua de Valencia”: a cocktail made of fresh orange juice, vodka, cava and cointreau: lots of fun are guaranteed!


Horchata and Fartons

Another must-try is the “Horchata”, original from the valencian town of Alboraya but it can be found everywhere in the city. This  drink  was first elaborated by the arabs : it is made of tigernut, sugar and water. It can be drank liquid or semi-frozen, and many people like to dip in it with “fartons”, a long shaped bun. A very popular option for the warm months!



TURRON: very popular on Christmas.

When it comes to sweets you must try the popular Turron (nugat) from Valencia, Alicante and Xixona. Turron is very popular all over Spain for Xmas times but in Valencia you cand find it  in some traditional shops.

BUÑUELOS: made with pumpkin, flour and sugar.

And  for the winter you must try the “Buñuelos”: they are made  of pumpking and they are delicicious when dipped in hot chocolate. Another very similar option are the “Churros” and the “Porras”, also to be dipped in hot chocolate or to be eaten alone.